Welcome to my Goal of Creating one of the largest, most diverse, online transgender resource websites over the next couple of years.



If you have a Transgender positive resource, business, idea, or information that I can help showcase here on this website please let me know.  Helping my community is my deepest passion.  I ask nothing more then the opportunity to help more of our family find their way to the assistance, information, and relationships that will help them along their journey!  To all who have already helped on this project:  Thank You!


Hi and Welcome to my website which will forever be in building mode as I work to create it as a tool I want to use to help others!  This is not a place to showcase just me this is where I seek to Link, Network, Help, and Inspire.   I refuse to quit on my dream of putting everything I am into for those I love, and for my community.  The Transgender community. 

I am investing in us and I am choosing to approach the world as open, confident, and supportive of my community as I possibly can be. I want to set a new bar within myself on personal level of compassion, unity, understanding, and love for each other.


  My goal now with the wisdom I have earned is to do everything within my power to help foster education, understanding, and acceptance of all gender variant people.  I am honestly obsessed, always seeking ways to better the lives of my community.  If it is within my power to fight for, then I intend to.

  I have re-established my website to reflect my personal growth in maturity and my devotion to betterment for all.  My goal is to inspire acceptance, courage, and assist my community in all the best ways that I can.

I want help lift as many others as I can along my journey.  This is one of my Life’s passions.

Thank you for checking out my site!